Charlotte Community Waste Management


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Charlotte Community Waste Management and Sustainability

Whether for businesses or homeowners, the importance of properly recycling and disposing of waste materials cannot be overemphasized. All forms of waste pose a hazard to you and the people that matter in your life, as well as to our environment. With this in mind, keeping our communities and environment safe is now a top priority.

When it comes to Charlotte community waste management initiatives, Veterans Easy Trash Service is a waste removal and disposal service fully licensed to serve cities and communities in and around Charlotte NC. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as a reliable provider of comprehensive waste recycling and removal solutions. This has mostly been possible because we focus on reinvesting in the communities that we serve.

As a locally managed dumpster rental and waste management company, we are committed to keeping Charlotte beautiful. So we’ve designed a range of innovative solutions aimed at getting rid of solid waste while protecting our environment. Some of these solutions include:

  • Contract services

  • Dumpster rentals

  • Recycling services

  • Bulky waste removal

  • Weekly roll out dumpster service

  • Weekly area beautification


We believe that everyone has environmental responsibility and have infused this perspective into all facets of our operation. We’ve also embedded safety, exceptional customer service, and quality to ensure that we fully become a part of the community we serve.

Waste and the Community

Across the United States, the concept of sustainability has become crucial for every business. This is because of the ever-growing need to preserve our planet and its limited resources. And with public opinion continuously gaining momentum, the worldwide outlook on sustainable strategy has taken a toll on a plethora of industries.

Right now, many businesses have come under the watchful eyes of the communities they serve, causing them to feel a lot of pressure from highly analytical judgment. As a result, commercial players are now reconsidering, restructuring, and redesigning their efforts at all levels so that they can function sustainably.

And then you also have businesses like ours. In recent years, we've seen so many onlookers driven by the concept of sustainability - a concept that has now become the lens through which the public scrutinizes new businesses. With this in mind, VETS created the business model from the very start centered on providing value while protecting our environment. So as we examine the present, we continue to operate with the future in mind.

For us, there is more to sustainability than just what members of the public think. We've internalized this concept and made it one of the most important aspects of our operation. It's all about helping a home or business get rid of junk items and transforming such waste into something that can be reused. Sustainability for us encompasses the positive impact that we create, the energy that every home and business around us gets from our service, and how we evolve into a futuristic waste management model.

Most people think about tomorrow when the topic has to do with sustainability. But for us at VETS, it’s more about the here and now. This strong perspective will always remain the core of our service to our community, which is how it has always been ever since we began our operations.

We Are at the Forefront of Charlotte Community Waste Management

Veterans Easy Trash Service is honored to help homeowners and businesses in Charlotte and its environs with waste disposal and management. Our trash and recycling collection services are designed to be reliable, environmentally conscious, and safe for residences, businesses, construction contractors.

As a locally operated disposal and removal company, we value our community, including the people, relationships, and environment. Here’s why we are at the forefront of Charlotte community waste management:

Personal and local service

We keep it personal and relatable by having a customer care department fully staffed with real people that care. Our team is knowledgeable and will handle all your queries so you don't ever have to worry about dealing with an automated voice mail system.

No hidden fees

You won't ever have to pay environmental fees or administrative fees. Yes, most people complain about waste management companies having too many hidden fees not included in their quotes. But for us, transparency is our watchword. You only pay whatever fees you find on our trash hauling quote and nothing more. All fees are fully explained so you understand what you’re paying for and why.

Premium service quality

No compromise! You either get the best or nothing! From waste pickup to hauling and disposal and everything in between, VETS promises premium service quality along with the best service rates you probably won't find elsewhere.

Flexible service plans

Community needs can always vary and that's why we've put in place the most flexible service plans to take care of all kinds of waste disposal projects no matter how big or small. We are also accessible at any time in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Veterans Easy Trash Service has a senior waste management team with extensive experience taking care of the trash removal needs of Charlotte and other communities. Our customized waste disposal and recycling options are very convenient for public spaces, community buildings, businesses, and neighborhoods.

We know how much every community wants access to the most competitive prices and exceptional customer service. VETS offers that and even more! Our operational strategy is also focused on training and safety. We have a commitment to become responsible for our environment and that’s why we adopt green practices that encourage innovative recycling solutions.

Of course, every community is different, implying that every waste management solution must be customized to fit unique needs. With the principles on which we’ve built our business model, we have the flexibility to design waste management solutions that work best for every neighborhood. 

Serving Communities Like Yours Across North Carolina

Our focus is on the people and we strongly believe that we must integrate and bond with our target communities to be able to serve them better. We also encourage our crew to build relationships with customers and create a positive impact in the neighborhood.

If you need a new Charlotte community waste management provider, don't hesitate to get in touch with VETS today. We’ll be happy to discuss your waste disposal, recycling, and management needs and how best to help.