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We make it simple. Our service prices:

  • $199 Flat Service Fee 

  • Plus $0.03 per pound (Only for construction materials)


Bulk Trash Removal

What can we pickup? 

This is not an inclusive list. Based on conditions and material composition, some items may not be able to be removed.

  • Appliances

  • Mattresses/Box Springs

  • Used Motor and Cooking Oils (Motor oil/antifreeze/transmission fluid-limit 10 gallons)

  • Automobile and Bicycle Tires (limit 5. Tires on the rim are charged a fee).

  • Oil and water-based paint (limit 5 gallons)

  • Computers, Television Monitors (Limit 3)

  • Other Electronic Waste

  • Yard Trimmings/Brush

  • Rigid Plastics (Hickory Grove Recycling Center ONLY)

  • EMPTY Propane tanks from gas grills and fire extinguishers

  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs (HHW Centers)

  • Batteries (at our HHW Centers)

  • Construction materials: lumber, brick, carpet, shingles, windows, doors, tile, etc.

What we can't pickup:

Community | Business Manager Trash Disposal Services

Do you have a dumpster service that isn't quite cutting it? It's a common problem, you get your residents' or your company's trash removed in dumpsters, but there is always that leftover trash and bulky trash items left over. 

That's where we come in!

  • Weekly Clean Ups

  • Bulk Item Removal

  • Waste Management
  • Signage for Residents (Encourages them to use the dumpster and the extra bins we provide)
  • We even sweep after clean up!

Ballantyne recycling pickup removal

Yard Waste Removal

 What can we pickup?

There aren't really any restrictions when it comes to yard waste pickup. If it came from your yard, we should be able to remove it!

Recycling Pickup

What counts as recycling?

This is not an inclusive list. Based on conditions and material composition, some items may not be able to be removed.

  • Office paper

  • cardboard

  • pizza boxes

  • magazines

  • newspapers 

  • phonebooks

  • empty aerosol cans 

  • milk and juice cartons 

  • aluminum can

  • steel cans

  • tin cans

  • glass bottles

  • plastic bottles (with necks)

What we can't pickup:

  • Baby Diapers - Yuck

  • Shredded Paper

  • Paper Plates & Disposable Cups

  • Napkins

  • Food Trays

  • Cups - Paper or Plastic

  • Takeout Food Containers

  • Styrofoam

  • Other Non-Recyclable Household Garbage

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